Maintaining gutters and downspouts is one of the most often overlooked jobs around the house. It’s also one of the most important, since clogged or leaking gutters can quickly lead to rotten fascia boards, peeling paint or worse.

While it may be tempting to do away with gutters all together, they serve an important function. Gutters direct water away from the house to protect your siding, foundation, and landscaping. Without gutters, siding can rot, basements flood, and flower beds erode.

Gutter Inspection Also Needed

Besides cleaning debris out of your gutters, you need to inspect them for needed repairs. Make sure all hangers are securely fastened, and use a carpenter’s level to check that the gutters have the proper slope and are not holding water. Finally, once you have inspected the gutters for leaks, allow them to dry and apply caulk to the seams and anywhere there is a leak.

Now that your gutters are in great shape, check them from time to time while it’s raining. If water is spilling over the edges or not running freely from the downspouts, it may be time to clean them again as soon as possible.